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Terms A Moving Company May Use Or Throw At You

Broker:  Companies that arrange for the truck transportation of the items of others, utilizing for hire companies to provide the actual truck transportation.  A broker does not have responsibility for the belongings.

Carrier:  The mover in charge of transporting the goods. In long distance moves, your carrier will probably have a very large truck, that could carry many other people’s items along with yours. For local moving your carrier will likely have small trucks designed for local moving.

Truck for hire:  A trucking company that is paid to transport cargo belonging to others. These trucks can be very big, and sometimes can be very difficult to maneuver in residential neighborhoods.

Order For Service:  A list of all the services the mover will perform, and the rates for those services, and shows the dates your household goods will be picked up and delivered. Read this carefully so you know exactly the duties during the move.

Warehouse Handling:  A charge that compensates the mover for the physical placement and removal of items within a warehouse. Often you are not ready to move into your new house and your furniture needs to be stored. Remember the more times your furniture is handled, the more likely it is there will be damage.

Advanced Charges:  Charges for services performed by someone other than the mover. Usually a third party service is paid by the mover. Most line haul drivers are equipped with tools to handle many situations with your move.

Bill of Lading:  A contract between you and the mover and a receipt of your belongings. Go over this carefully with your moving representative, know the terms of the contract.

Other Moving Tips

Tariff:  A list of rates, rules, regulations, and available services. Each moving company publishes its own tariffs and these must be provided to you upon request.

Moving Tips – Relocating Your Home

What to Bring on Long Trips

Here are some items you may want to bring if you are driving long distances: A map or directions to where you are going, food, water, clothes, cell phone, money, hygiene items, road flares, car oil, fire extinguisher, a can of fix-a-flat, and extra water for your car’s engine.

Movers Must Provide Their Tariff Upon Request

Charges that a mover assesses for its services must be contained in a tariff, which has be made available to you upon request. If you think that a mover has overcharged you, you can contact the Surface Transportation Board at 1-866-254-1792

Take One Last Look

Take one last look around the house before the moving truck leaves the house. It’s very easy to miss stuff that may be hidden in the closet. So do one last look before the truck leaves the house, you won’t regret it.

Moving Terms – Estimate

Estimate: All charges for services the mover will perform. Understand the terms of the estimate so there will be no misunderstanding on the job the movers will perform.

Clean Patio Furniture Before Moving

The main reason for cleaning your patio furniture is so that you don’t move bugs and bug eggs to your new home via the moving truck.


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