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What to Consider when Choosing Removal and Storage Companies

Moving and StorageIf your business has recently found new premises in London that can sustain customer growth, there is a lot to do before moving in. When your business’s productivity shouldn’t be affected, you must make sure that there will be minimal disruptions. If your company is unable to provide services to customers, this can affect profit levels. When orders cannot be dispatched from a warehouse because stock is being moved to new premises, customers might go elsewhere. Therefore, it is vital that a business can continue to provide services.

By hiring a professional relocation company, there will be hardly any disruptions at all which can affect a company’s productivity. If the premises which you have at the moment are the first which your business has rented, you might not know what to do. However, as a company that provides a professional service  has done so for many before, they can advise on what will happen.

Before contacting a moving company, here’s what to consider:

-        Quote

It is very important that you know what your budget is before getting in touch with a removal company. When a quote is supplied, you should know whether it will exceed your means or not. If a removal company is hired but the quote that’s supplied is too high, this can affect profit margins. However, when an affordable removal company is chosen, there will be money remaining in your budget which can be spent elsewhere. In order to choose a removal company, as many as possible should be contacted. If you hire the first removal company that you speak to, they might not be very affordable at all when compared to others which you didn’t get in touch with.

-        Removal professionals

Although you could ask employees to pack boxes and put them into a removal van, a moving service  can include this in the cost of hiring them. If multiple boxes and office equipment has to be moved to new premises, many people could be provided by a removal company. Therefore, it won’t take as long to relocate when compared to if only several professionals are provided.

When a removal company has been hired, the following should be on a to-do list before relocating to new premises:

-        Storage

A removal company could also provide a storage service. However, if you don’t want to pay any more money, the space in your premises which aren’t being used can act as a storage area. Therefore, you don’t have to pay storage costs because boxes and items of office equipment can be put into the premises which are currently being rented.

-        Boxes

When acquiring boxes, you should know what has to be stored. If boxes are used for packing office equipment but have a weak bottom, the items which are stored can fall out and be damaged. By getting strong boxes, damage is stopped from happening in the first place.

-        Declutter

Furniture and other items which aren’t needed shouldn’t be taken to new premises. By sorting through everything which your business owns, the items which aren’t required could be sold to other companies. They could even be donated to charity shops. When items which are no longer required aren’t brought to where your business will be based from now on, a removal company won’t take items unnecessarily.

Although it can take a while to plan and execute relocating to new premises, it’ll be worth it. This is because there will be minimal disruptions and it won’t require as much time as you probably thought it would.

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What You Cannot Store in a Storage Unit

StorageBoth office and home owners use storage units to store their papers, books and other items. These units can also help arrange their essential things for freeing up the space in their home. However, not all objects can be stored in a storage facility.

If you rent a storage unit, you should know what is not allowed to keep in those units.  Your knowledge about this can prevent you from experiencing any trouble. Here are some of those items that you can not keep in a storage facility.

  1. Weapons – The typical examples of these are guns, knives, bows, arrows, hunting rifles and a lot more.  These prohibited items can put you or other people in a critical condition.  Though you know how to use these weapons, you are still not allowed to keep them in your storage unit.
  2. Perishable Items – Some people keep on storing foods on their storage unit. Then, after several days, they have just realized that the foods they have stored are already expired. The common examples of these are fruits and other fresh items. Once these items get decayed, they can cause several health issues. So, you better watch out for these perishable items.
  3. Inflammable Products –Kerosene, fertilizers, motor oils, fireworks and acids are extremely dangerous.  This is the reason why most companies restrict their employees to store these items in their storage units. These items are not only harmful for the owner, but to the entire facility as well.
  4. Unregistered Vehicles – Some big companies prefer to store several vehicles like boats, cars, snowmobiles, farm equipment and motorbikes. If you are planning to store these vehicles, make sure that they are fully insured.
  5. Aerosols – These items are extremely dangerous to all. If your company prohibits storing the item, make sure that you abide by the rules. If not, your condition will be at stake.

Though you are restricted to store items in your safety units, it doesn’t mean that you will experience inconvenience. These units are perfect for storing several items. The main purpose of these restrictions is to keep you safe. With your knowledge about this topic, you will be guided on what to do. If you own a huge company, you have to inform your employees about these restricted items. This can help you have a smooth and safe working environment. These restricted items are not only applicable for huge companies. They should also be observed by home owners and other small agencies.

If you keep on ignoring these dangerous items, that may cause a negative result. Say for instance, if you keep on storing weapons, these items may cause harmful conditions. If one of your employees got these weapons, he may harm other workers.

Whether you have a small or big storage unit, you have to follow the regulations to secure your condition. So, make sure that you avoid storing these items in your place. Through accurate storage of your items, you and other people around the vicinity will be in good hands.

About the Author:  is a writer and blogger for , online portal that provides nationwide moving labor services. Margarita Hakobyan writes about moving and storage industry and also tips on how to prepare and plan for a move.


Use Self Storage To Declutter A Home

September 20, 2012 1 comment

Millions of people across the country are dealing with a problem in their homes due to downsizing or simply because they have too much stuff. The problem with these people is a cluttered home. Whether it’s once again time to do serious cleaning, moving or donating it is most likely a perfect time to begin de-cluttering the residence.

Several options exist for controlling clutter and one great, affordable option is self storage. Renting a self storage unit is smart, easy, cheap and a great way to remove excess possessions from a living space while still maintaining the belongings in a safe, secure space. Most storage facilities nowadays are protected with gates, alarms, on site managers, security systems and insurance for added protection. These security measures give renters peace of mind knowing their items will be in pristine condition once they need to retrieve them.

In order to de-clutter a living space, a person needs to understand what they can get rid of and what should be kept. If an item has not been used in at least 4 months and does not have any sentimental value or emotional attachment, the item should be donated, thrown away or stored in a self storage unit. Evaluate room by room and make separate piles for items to be donated, trashed or stored for later.

Once the living space is de-cluttered and the rental truck is packed, drive to the self storage facility and fill the newly rented storage unit. Be sure to pack and store your items properly in the self storage unit so they stay safe and do not get broken.

Use the Self Storage Finders website to locate thousands of storage facilities nationwide from or . Rent through the website in a few simple steps.

How To Select A Storage Facility

Relocating from a large home to a medium sized one can be difficult especially if you have a lot of furniture. If you anticipate that your current furniture would not fit in your new home, you can look into renting a storage unit. Storage units are convenient and allow you to store items temporarily or even long-term until you find a bigger space.

There are a lot of storage companies out there and if you want to find one that suits your needs then you should check out at least six facilities before making a decision. Research is the key when selecting a storage facility. Search the Internet for these facilities and pay close attention to the reviews from previous customers. This could definitely prevent you from making the wrong decision.

If you have the time, it is recommended that you actually drive down to the facility to take a look at the place to get a better idea where you will be leaving your items. Check to see if the facility is located in a bad area. Security cameras, alarms and security personnel on the premises are enough indication that the facility is well secured.

Once inside the building, check out the storage unit and see it is also protected with a heavy-duty lock on the door. There are some facilities that have security cameras in the individual units as well. Next, determine the size of the storage unit that you would need for your items and ensure that you get one where all your items can fit comfortably and not just forced into the room. If the unit has too much clutter, you may run the risk of losing your household items to damage.
Similarly, you do not need too much storage space either; you will end up paying more money for excess space.

Storage units are also climate-controlled; the cold setting would be ideal for storing equipment. There are even units that are built to keep out rodents and insects and even dust. And when it comes to packing your unit, you are also given the option to either pack your own storage unit or have employees of the facility get it done for you. If you opt for the facility’s assistance, then you would have to pay a fee for the extra service. Another option is to pack your own storage unit; the portable unit would be delivered to your home where you can take your time and pack at your leisure. As soon as you have completed the packing process, the storage facility would return to your home and store it on their compound until you are ready for the items.

About the author: Asha Brodie is a writer for , an online portal of moving labor providers and self storage units. Visit to find affordable movers and storage facilities in your area.


Storage Tips

All across the country from big cities to small towns you can find self storage facilities. Self storage units are spaces rented out to tenants on a monthly basis for the purpose of storing your possessions. Finding a you wish to rent from is fast and easy. Previously, a person would have to go to the phone book and search through thousands of ads but now an individual can simply go online and rent a storage unit. There are a few things you should be aware of before moving your belongings into your storage unit.

Preparation and organization are key to ensure safety of your stuff before storing. You may need to place plastic down on the ground before storing your items or you may have to put blankets over your TVs and appliances to prevent scratching. Be sure to pack your boxes light enough to carry and always place the heaviest boxes on the ground so they don’t put too much weight on the lighter boxes and crush them. Make sure there are no ways for animals or rodents to get into your unit as they will destroy anything they can get to.

When packing your storage unit, be sure to leave a walkway in your storage unit so you can access items in the front as well as the rear of the unit. Be sure to label each of the boxes so you know what each one contains and you can tell the fragile boxes from your books.

Security is also an important factor when considering self storage facilities. Each facility will have different features and levels of security so decide what is important to you. Most facilities have an on-site manager which lives at the unit. Other features include security cameras, gated facilities, 24hr surveillance and coded gages. You will also have to purchase your own lock for your storage unit.

The storage unit you rent from should already be cleaned but be prepared to do some last minute sweeping if your unit is not up to your standards. Many storage facilities will clean the storage units before you store your possessions but you may also have some responsibility. The unit was probably in use by another person or business before you arrived so be sure to make sure all of the other belongings are out before storing yours.

These easy, effective tips should guide your renting process. If you have any additional questions, the self storage manager on duty should be able to answer anything you need to know.


Moving Company Storage Services

Moving companies not only help with the moving process but some may also provide . For instance, when the move is a type in which a customer is downsizing to some more compact place they can provide storage options. The movers usually perform a great job of keeping your goods secure within their facilities. A diffrence from a movers with storage along with a self storage is 2 things. Inside a moving company storage, products are saved away and when the client desired to acquire some products they would need to setup an arrangement with the moving company to use and retrieve goods. The movers are often compensated each hour for handling goods. As where self-storage, a person may go in and out at any possible time they would like to retrieve their items. The 2nd difference is how well and securely things are packed. Usually movers storage will wrap the products in an exceedingly professional way of preventing any breakage while saved away. While self-storage, the client is responsible of methods of packing and wrapping the goods. See for some help on how to pack and store your goods safely when moving.

Storage Options Newark, NJ

Budget Self Storage Inc
414 Raymond Blvd
Newark, NJ 7105

A Space Station
326 Frelinghuysen Ave
Newark, NJ 7114

Hampshire Self Storage
320 Elizabeth Avenue
Newark, NJ 7112

Tuck-It-Away Self-Storage
272 Sussex Avenue
Newark, NJ 7107

American Self-Storage
1360 McCarter Highway
Newark, NJ 7104

Storage King USA
1448 McCarter Highway
Newark, NJ 7104

The storage companies listed here are actual locations of local self-storage buildings in Newark, NJ. Many people after moving to or hiring or may need to use a storage company to store some of their goods. This is very common among people who have just married and have too much stuff to fit into one house. This is also very common for people who are about to move. Many people who are in need of movers in Newark decide to get a storage company in Newark and store some items so the move does not cost as much. Many moving companies charge by the hour so the less there is to move, the less time it will take.


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