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Pre-Move Moving Tips And Movers Advice

Moving Tip # 5 – Packing Heavy Items – Books, Papers, Canned Goods * Pack heavy items like books, papers, canned goods, small tools and CD’s into sturdy, smaller cartons. If you pack them into larger cartons, they will be too heavy and difficult to move, or could break thru the cartons. Magazines and papers you should lay flat.

Quick Moving Tip # 27 – Know The Driving Conditions of Your New Location * When relocating, be aware of the upcoming weather and road conditions along the way.

Pro Movers Tip # 37 – Save Donation Receipts * If you are donating unwanted items to charity, save the receipts, you can use these for future tax deductions.

Moving Tip # 95 – Finding Recycled Boxes * Do the environment and your wallet a service by finding recycled packing materials. The best place to find recycled boxes – look for neighbors who just moved in.

Quick Moving Tip # 83 – Moving Terms – Bill of Lading * Bill of Lading: A contract between you and the mover and a receipt of your belongings. Go over this carefully with your moving representative, know the terms of the contract.

Moving Tip # 84 – Finding A Qualified Mover * Get recommendations from friends, neighbors and relatives regarding the mover. You’ll be surprised to find out if you just ask around, you will find people that have had good and bad experiences with moving companies. Compile a list with pros and cons of different movers and then you will have an easier time choosing the right company for the job.

Quick Moving Tip # 97 – Packing Large Fake Plants * A good way to pack and protect your large fake plants is to place them into wardrobe cartons, which are cartons about 4 to 5 foot tall.

Moving Tip # 53 – Movers Cargo Damage Liability * Find out what the mover’s responsibilities are for damages that may occur to your belongings. Even if you buy the minimal amount of insurance for your goods, the mover still may be on the hook for some items damaged during the move. So do your research and know what the moving companies responsibilities are.

Moving Tip # 35 – Do Not Pack Flammables * Do not pack flammables and combustibles. Get rid of your petrol, paints, and empty the gasoline in your lawn mowers and weed whackers before moving. Also contact your local gas grill distributor for the safest method to drain your barbeque propane tank.

An Old Man Moves A Refrigerator By¬†Himself


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