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A Quick Way To Pack Pictures And Glass

For a quick packing of pictures or mirrors that are not high value, just slip then into the open end of a flattened carton slightly bigger than the picture, then tape the ends shut.  It’s best to use this method for pictures and mirrors with frames.

A Safe Way To Pack Pictures and Glass

The experts with Movers-Moving.NET explain great and affordable ways to pack mirrors, large pictures, and glass objects.

Pictures and mirrors and glass tops often require a customized pack job due to their varying sizes and shapes. Tools and materials needed to create this custom packing include paper pads, your linens or blankets (for wrapping the pictures), box cutters for cutting of the picture sections, and picture sections (pieces of cardboard for packing). When using box cutters to cut picture sections to size, don’t do it directly on carpet or other flooring, as you might cut through the cardboard then cut the carpet or flooring. Also keep these dangerous items away from children.


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