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Moving Leads – Movers-Moving.NET

Movers-Moving.NET – Lead Provider With HIGH CONVERSION RATES

Unlike other such as 123movers or where each lead is going to at least 8 different moving companies, Movers-Moving.NET is only signing up 2-3 moving companies in each area to assure our mover subscribers with QUALITY leads they can actually book.

Large Leads Providers:

High volume of leads per month

Each lead goes to MANY OTHER movers

VERY expensive

Time Consuming



Lower Volume of leads per month. Approx. 5-10

Each leads goes to A FEW OTHER movers.

Inexpensive for the moving company


When subscribing to Movers-Moving.NET you are paying per lead. Your money does not expire and you may ask to refund your account balance at any time. We can set movers up with any specific area they like.

*Moving Companies Must Be Liscenced if required by state.

Quality Naples Moving Companies

A few months ago my sister and her children talking about moving from a 2 bedroom house to Naples, Florida. Quite a few people said it would be best if they do a portion of the move, while some other very good friends advised they use expert . If they moved themselves, it would be a lot of work. All of that packing and loading, not to mention the actual physical lifting is sure to be quite difficult. What if there new home had difficult access such as a tiny elevator? Some of their furniture was quite bulky and cumbersome. A few pieces were very fragile. They didn’t know if they would be able to do the work properly themselves. If they engaged the services of a professional Naples, Florida moving service their move would be simple and easy. Their neighbor Derek suggested they go to the internet and find top movers Florida to send them moving estimates. They found Movers-Moving.NET and they were glad they found them. They got pricing and info from 8 different movers, who then competed for their business. Eventually they were able to schedule an expert Naples moving company Florida who brought them to their new apartment.

Featured Moving Company In Naples:

Packing And Storing Hazardous Liquids

Relocation / Real Estate Tips – Buying A Home

Preparing And Staging Your Home For Sale

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Choosing A Moving Company – Consumer Scams

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Moving Green

Easy Packing Strategies

Thinking About Moving To Los Angeles?

Packing Your Boxes Correctly

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A Quick Way To Pack Pictures And Glass

For a quick packing of pictures or mirrors that are not high value, just slip then into the open end of a flattened carton slightly bigger than the picture, then tape the ends shut.  It’s best to use this method for pictures and mirrors with frames.

Movers In The Strong Wind

Actual Mobile Home Moving Company Commercial


The Bike Move

Moving To Asia – First Hand Look

An Old Man Moves A Refrigerator By Himself

Japanese Bicycle Storage

Beware Of Moving Company Fraud

A Safe Way To Pack Pictures and Glass

The experts with Movers-Moving.NET explain great and affordable ways to pack mirrors, large pictures, and glass objects.

Pictures and mirrors and glass tops often require a customized pack job due to their varying sizes and shapes. Tools and materials needed to create this custom packing include paper pads, your linens or blankets (for wrapping the pictures), box cutters for cutting of the picture sections, and picture sections (pieces of cardboard for packing). When using box cutters to cut picture sections to size, don’t do it directly on carpet or other flooring, as you might cut through the cardboard then cut the carpet or flooring. Also keep these dangerous items away from children.

Oregon Movers Regulation Law? 9/26/08

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How To Pack Fragile China and Glasses

When packing dishes, wrap them individually with paper, then proceed to wrap 4-6 dishes together in a bundle. Be sure when packing into your dish pack, stand them upright. Do NOT lay flat. For larger platters and plates use your towels and other small linens for wrapping.

Be sure to check out more informational tips from your pros.


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