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IMoving – Moving App

Moving Apps

Saving time is definitely what most people want to do when having to prepare for a move. If you could have all the moving information that you desire at your fingertips and when you need it, it would surely take off a load of stress when moving. So you want to alleviate moving woes? There is actually an app for that. Although most may not be aware, there are apps that have been created to provide all the resources that you would ever need to be able to pull off a successful move. The price for the apps costs no more than $2.99 and most would agree that for that price, one is provided with a wealth of information.

Those who are relocating would have access to moving and money saving tips; there are even tips about ways in which to pack and unpack when moving. Here are a few of the moving apps that are available.

Moving List

The Moving List is available for both the iPad and the iPhone and is a very effective tool that would help you to get organized as you prepare to move. Serving as a “To Do List”, the user is able to tap into the 95 populate task items which are indeed helpful. These task items remind you about when it is time to get your moving supplies to when to contact the utility companies requesting that they disconnect the services for transfer among other things. There is a timeline in which each task should be accomplished in advance in order to avoid the hassle. For instance the suggested time period for calling your utilities company should be done some 2-3 weeks before moving. These are only suggested timelines; however, the app allows you to customize the list as you see fit. This app retails for $2.99.

Moving Van

The moving van app is another essential app for moving simply because it helps you to document your moving items which could be used as lasting proof of the condition of your household items should there be damage or lost during moving. This app. which is available for the iPhone and iPod can help you with keeping inventory of your items, capture photos of them as well as tagging the boxes with identifiable information that would make locating them so much easier. You can tag your boxes by using either unique numbers or the names of each room in your home. Apart from making it less stressful for you when unpacking your items, the app. is also useful for storing information about those boxes you may have to put in storage.


IMoving is a free app that is available for the iPad, one that not only allows you to make a list of your household items but you can also get the weight of your items and the cubic feet for it as well. This app. is the perfect tool for those who are thinking about self-moving as knowing the weight of your items would assist you in determining the type of van size you should rent for moving. You can also yield moving quotes with this app. saving you the time you would take calling around to shop and compare.

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  1. colorado springs moving
    June 27, 2012 at 6:49 am | #1

    This is really great. Apps are there for planning our relocation and movers.These apps definitely make our moving plan much easier and it will save time too.

  2. Mathew Leonard
    July 10, 2012 at 6:02 am | #2

    It is really godd to have specialised apps for peoples who are looking for office relocation services and planning business moves.

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