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Best Des Moines Moving Company

A couple of weeks ago a family was preparing for moving from their home in Des Moines, Iowa. A lot of people said it would be best if they do a self service move, yet others suggested they hire experienced . If they did all of the work themselves, it could possibly be very exhausting. All of the loading and unloading, in addition to all of the backbreaking heavy lifting could be a hassle. What if the new location had a difficult access point, such as a flight of stairs? Some of their furniture items were quite heavy. A few pieces were very fragile. They were not sure if they would be able to do the work properly themselves. If they engaged the services of a dependable Des Moines, Iowa moving service their move would be simple and easy. Their acquaintance Daniel directed they explore the world wide web then try to locate qualified movers Iowa to send them relocation quotes. They came upon Movers-Moving.NET and they were glad they found them. They received estimates from 6 different movers, who then competed for their business. Then they hired a dependable Des Moines moving and packing company Iowa who brought them to their new apartment.

Best Jamaica Moving Company

A little while ago a German family was pondering moving from their home in Jamaica, New York. Some acquaintances said it was tough to find good movers and advised they do all the packing but let movers do the moving, but some close relatives suggested they engage the services of long distance . If they did all of the work themselves, it would be a lot of work. All of that planning and moving, not to mention the actual heavy lifting and driving could be a hassle. What if their new place had difficult access such as a flight of stairs? A couple of their items were very heavy and awkward. A few pieces were very fragile. They weren’t certain if they had the expertise to do the work correctly themselves. If they tried a professional Jamaica, New York relocation company life would be a lot simpler. Their friend’s boss Aaron directed they go online and look for top movers New York to send them moving estimates. They found Movers-Moving.NET and they were really happy they found them. They received estimates from 3 long distance movers, and then they made a decision based upon their research. They found an expert Jamaica moving and packing company New York to move them to their new place.

5 Frequently Asked Question When Moving – Hiring Movers

1. How would someone be sure that the moving company they hire is reputable?

Having a computer with an internet connection means its quite easy to determine whether a mover is good or bad. Better Business Bureau has a website, so check it before proceeding with a moving company. Using a company with a low rating means your mover could be trouble. Sometimes if movers can’t be found on the Better Business Bureau’s website, it could mean that the mover is new or that they are so bad they request their listing to be removed, so be careful. Ask around and you may find someone who can give you info on a mover. Don’t always rely on reviews on the internet, because they can be fake. Movers sometimes will write fake reviews for the purpose of giving them a better rating in Yahoo or Google. Google favors companies with lots of reviews. A moving company with many bad reviews could be written by people that actually had a bad experience with them, so be careful. Check to make sure the mover has the correct licenses, this is very important. Go to the FMSCA website and enter their Dot number. Most states require movers to be licensed and insured.

2. Do the movers require the customer to sign a contract?

A freight bill or agreement for services is usually the main documents used by movers. Basically they are used to detail rates and customer information, such as where you are moving to and from. And the contract will describe any extra charges that your move may require, such as long carries or stairs. Read the fine print on the contract, and make sure they don’t throw in some kind of extra charge.

3. How do professional moving services protect fragile items?

Professional movers have trucks that are equipped with thick quilted furniture pads, along with the proper dollies, straps, ramps and other equipment. In addition, they offer packing cartons, packing paper, plastic stretch wrap, packing tape, and other materials that aid in protecting fragile items such as china, stemware, pictures, glass, mirrors, etc. For long distance or state to state moving many moving trucks come with air ride suspension.

4. Will a real estate agency provide a moving service for their clients?

Real Estate agents do not provide movers for their customers, but because they are in the business of relocating people, often times they can refer their clients to a reputable moving company. If they have been in business for a long time, they can probably send a good qualified mover your way. As long as the moving company has been around a while I’m sure your Real Estate brokers or agent can either give you a thumbs up or down.

5. What would happen if the house your moving into is not ready?

Normally if your home is not ready for the movers then your goods will be put into temporary storage. For local moving, you can either get your own self storage, or the movers can usually store your goods for you. For long distance moving, you can also get your own self storage unit, or the movers can put it into their temporary storage and a special “storage in transit” rate will apply. This will include a labor charge to off load the goods, another warehouse labor charge to put the goods into storage, an actual storage charge which is based upon how long your need to leave your goods in storage, then a delivery charge for when you need your goods delivered.

Reputable movers is the answer when relocating your valuables. Visit our site packed with expert , get moving quotes and choose which are best for you.

Expert Moving Tips

Pro Movers Tip # 41 – What to Bring on Long Trips * Here are some items you may want to bring if you are driving long distances: A map or directions to where you are going, food, water, clothes, cell phone, money, hygiene items, road flares, car oil, fire extinguisher, a can of fix-a-flat, and extra water for your car’s engine.

Quick Moving Tip # 20 – Contact Your Insurance Company * Prior to moving be sure to contact your insurance company and notify them of the fact you are moving. This way he can be sure to update coverages and also contact information to keep your policies current.

Movers Tip # 94 – Moving Company Access Charges * Be sure your moving estimate shows access for both origin and destination. For example, are you moving from a 4th apartment with an elevator and a 300 foot carry to the truck? Access plays an important part in final cost.

Moving Tip # 21 – Create a Moving File for Your Move * When moving your home or business, create a “moving file” to keep track of moving company estimates, receipts and other important documents, such as home sale papers or escrow paperwork. Don’t use an pendaflex or open manila folder. Things can fall out and get lost. Instead, use a large manila type envelope or something larger like an accordian style file folder.

Moving Tip # 34 – Use Your Luggage * Use your suit cases and duffle bags to fill with clothes, sheets or other fabric items. Otherwise you will not be using these resources effectively.

Best Savannah Moving Services

Last winter a local family was discussing moving out of their very secluded vacation house to Savannah, Georgia. A number of people suggested they do some of the work, while some other very good friends advised they don’t fool around and find some local . If they took on the task of moving themselves, then it could become very tedious. All of that planning and moving, as well as the physical strain it could put on your body is likely a big hassle. What if their destination location had problematic access circumstances, such as a flight of stairs? A couple of their items were difficult to carry. Some artwork they had was very fragile. They weren’t certain if they would be able to do the work properly themselves. If they hired a professional Savannah, Georgia moving service their move would be simple and easy. Their neighbor Hunter said it would be best if they go to the internet then try to locate the best movers Georgia to offer them relocation estimates. They came upon Movers-Moving.NET and their problems were solved. They received quotes from 3 local movers, and then they made a decision based upon their research. Finally they contracted a dependable Savannah moving and packing company Georgia who moved them into their new home.

Professional Moving Tips

Quick Moving Tip # 75 – Additional Charges for Long Carries * Long Carry: Charge for carrying items long distances between the mover’s vehicle and your residence. You will get charged, movers need to get paid for the extra time it takes to get your goods in and out of the house.

Quick Moving Tip # 63 – Insuring High Value Items * High Value Article: Items included in a shipment valued at more than $100 per pound. Very Important to adequately declare and insure these Items.

Moving Tip # 90 – Moving Terms – Estimate * Estimate: All charges for services the mover will perform. Understand the terms of the estimate so there will be no misunderstanding on the job the movers will perform.

Moving Tip # 62 – Supervise Your Movers * Just like moving day, when your furniture is delivered, stick around to direct movers. Again time is money for the movers. Movers don’t mind putting furniture in the right area of the house, but if you’re not around to direct them they won’t know where anything goes. Movers often may charge extra if they have to double or triple handle furniture items because you are not there to direct them. So please be present to supervise their efforts.

Movers Tip # 29 – Packing Antiques * Items such as grandfather clocks and other valuable antiques should be packed and secured by a relocation expert.

Quick Moving Tip # 76 – Moving Terms – Carrier * Carrier: The mover transporting your goods. In long distance moves, your carrier will probably have a very large truck, that could carry many households along with yours. For local moving your carrier will likely have small trucks designed for local moving.


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